Another Feather in the Cap for the Space Sector with the SpaceX Launch of 4 Astronauts to Space

SpaceX Launch of Astronauts
As Prometheus Space has always proclaimed, the only way for space technology to really progress is for the space sector to get involved with space missions and space launches. This is similar to the Aviation Boom that happened in 1930s with the involvement of the airlines in aviation. As more and more space companies get involved in space missions, this… Read More

Prometheus Space Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the First Flight of Mankind on April 12, 1961

60th Anniversary of the First Manned Spaceflight
One of the biggest waypoints in human civilization since the dawn of civilization in Gobeklitepe roughly 9000 years ago was the flight of Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961 to space marking the beginning of manned space exploration for mankind. Now Prometheus Space celebrates the 60th anniversary of the first flight of mankind on April 12, 1961. Right now, mankind… Read More

Pandemic Will Cost NASA Approximately 3 Billion USD

Nasa and Covid19 Pandemic
A NASA audit concluded that costs imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic on the agency could reach $3 billion, with several major science and exploration programs accounting for much of that cost. A March 31 report by the NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) stated that the agency expects that the pandemic’s effects on the agency, ranging from closed facilities to… Read More

2021 is Geared to be One of the Best Years for Boom in Aerospace

space sector developments in 2021
Regardless of the Covid19 pandemic which has created medical as well as economical chaos across the world, and with the huge losses in the Aviation Sector, interestingly the Space Sector is seeing one of its major boosts in 2021. It has already started out as very fast with the launch of the Change-5 space mission to the moon, where the… Read More