Space EducationPrometheus Space partners up with Universities, Research Centers, Space Organizations, and Space Companies across the world to provide special education opportunities to high school students and to undergraduate university students who are interested in Space Science, Space Technology, and Aerospace.

Some of the space education services we provide are:

  • Space related seminars to high school students and career planning mentorship.
  • Space related seminars to undergraduate students and career planning mentorship.
  • International Internship Opportunities
  • International Exchange Programs for Undergraduate Students in STEM Programs.
  • Space Competition Planning and Mentorship
  • Space Experiment Designing and Planning by Students
  • Mentorship to STEM Teachers

You can get space internships at Prometheus Space under the supervision of Dr Ugur Guven, who is a prominent space expert. The internships will be online for a duration of 2-3 months and an internationally valid certificate will be provided at the end. There is a 150$ processing fee to be paid for the costs to Prometheus Space, otherwise, the internship is free.

  • Interstellar Travel Projects (Analysis, Simulation, Design)
  • Nuclear Propulsion Projects (Analysis, Simulation, Design)
  • Lunar Settlement and Lunar Exploration Projects (Analysis, Simulation, Design)
  • Martian Settlement and Martian Exploration Projects (Analysis, Simulation, Design)
  • Space Probes for Exploration of Solar System (Trajectory Analysis, Space Mission Design)
  • Nanosatellite Projects for LEO (Design, Trajectory Analysis)
  • Blackhole Projects