Space Technology WorkshopsPrometheus Space provides industrial space training and certification programs to engineers who are already working in the aerospace sector. These aerospace training programs are designed to help engineers in the Aerospace sector to be kept up to date in their relevant skills and to help them be aware of what is happening in the aerospace sector. This training program can also be provided in bulk to company employees with real-time workshops and training seminars or on a one-on-one basis with remote techniques.

Space Science and Space Technology related information seminars/webinars include:

Space Science and Space Technology related fundamental training workshops:

  • Introduction to Space Science and Space Environment for Engineers
  • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Fundamentals for Engineers
  • Introduction to Nuclear Energy Applications for Engineers
  • Introduction to FORTRAN Programming for Engineers
  • Introduction to Using NASA GMAT Mission Analysis Tool
  • Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers

Space Mission Scenario Case Studies:

  • Fire Emergency in ISS Scenario Case Study
  • Loss of Structural Integrity in a Lunar Base Case Study
  • Loss of Power in a Manned Spacecraft Mission to Mars Case Study
  • Loss of Communications in a Deep Space Mission Case Study

*Webinars/Seminars can be purchased online by one person in our shop section and it includes downloadable seminar plus real-time 15-20 minutes Q&A session and lifetime access to special forums.

**Workshops are given en masse to at least 3 persons and up to 20 persons in one half day session. For workshop request, please call us.

*** For 2-week certification courses please go to our Space Academy webpage.

**** You can contact us at for any special seminar, workshop, and certification course requests.