Prometheus Space has partnered up with International University of Technology and Management to provide special aerospace certification programs to professionals.


Spacecraft Dynamics Course

Spacecraft Dynamics and Orbital Mechanics Course is a 2 weeks certification program for engineers who are interested in learning spacecraft dynamics  for mission planning. It includes the fundamentals of orbital mechanics and all the parameters for tracking a spacecraft and principles of orbital maneuvers.

250 GBP

Space Science Certification Course

Space Science Course

Space Science Course is a 2 week course that will focus on Space Environment, Near Earth Environment and our solar system. All necessary space science information for space missions will be taught, including Van Allen Belts, space environment in LEO, Solar System, Heliopause  and Beyond and Introduction to Space Weather.

250 GBP

Satellite Systems Course

Satellite Sytems and Components Certification Course is 2 weeks long course that focuses on general components of satellites, satellite system planning, satellite subsystems, momentum wheels, satellite power systems, satellite control systems, satellite communication systems.

250 GB

Prometheus Space Academy will provide these courses online. The prices are per person and in case of 4 students or more, 10% discount will be applied. Also there is an option to provide these certification courses offline at your location for 5 or more students (Travel cost extra). Certification will be provided AFTER the student passes an online exam.